Our Team

Here are a few of our courteous and professional team members.  You may contact them directly by clicking on one of the email links listed below each name.  If you do not see who you are looking for, please click on the "Quick Contact" button and we will make sure he/she gets your message.  Thank you for visiting our website.  We look forward to hearing from you.
John Pfaff John Pfaff
Internet Sales and Product Consultant jpfaff@muncienissan.com

Gregory Betz Gregory Betz
Product Consultant gbetz@muncienissan.com

Scott Harmeyer Scott Harmeyer
Product Consultant sharmeyer@muncienissan.com

Levi Lowe Levi Lowe
Product Consultant llowe@muncienissan.com

Nicholas Oaks
Product Consultant noaks@muncienissan.com

Brian Hanaway Brian Hanaway

ASE Certified and Nissan Master Technician

Donavan McBride Donavan McBride


Tyler Davis Tyler Davis


Gary Porthiujse Gary Porthiujse

Parts Manager


Nick Dalton Nick Dalton
Detail Department

Jennifer Wall Jennifer Wall

Office Manager


Marc Brown Marc Brown
Customer Service Manager mbrown@muncienissan.com

Scott Manwaring Scott Manwaring

General Manager


Product Consultant

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